We are the Space Lab, a family-owned business born from grassroots entrepreneurship. We are motivated by the pulse of healthy business, by congruent client-agency collaboration, by establishing long-term human networks.


Our Background

The Space Lab was founded in 2005 when Andrés and his sister Marianela realized that almost all creative agencies they had worked with had very clunky channels of idea sharing. There was no true conversation in the creative process.

They decided to start an agency where everyone contributes in the creative process and opted to hire team members where talent was favored over experience. They designed a work environment where the interdependence of departments is a sign of strength, of health.

“The Space Lab draws its edge,” explains Andrés, “from the way we are able to channel the talent, the way we savor the walks of life that make up our team. We encourage hobbies, we encourage networking.”

Marianela adds, “Our mission requires that all voices are explored in the creative process, and that team leaders can map solutions when encountering the turbulence all projects eventually run into when navigated at warp speeds.”

As all successful agencies do, the Space Lab has been able to recognize trends and patterns in technology platforms and morph accordingly. Thanks especially to customer satisfaction, Space Lab has grown considerably in business and workforce.

Why the “Space Lab”?

“We declare ourselves dreamers,” smiles Andrés. “We believe in community. We trust our fellow human beings. We believe every day can be a good day. If having this mentality makes us dreamers, then my home should be a space laboratory where I can experiment with creativity.”

Space Lab Solutions

“The Space Lab’s team is trained to drive work processes that are flexible, explains Marianela. “Our industry demands that we are results-driven and that we are able to adapt to a client’s rhythm.”

“We have extensive experience collaborating remotely with clients all over the US as well as Europe,” says Andrés. “The Space Lab’s clients are generally organizations which require the constant creation of marketing material, branding, web development, so we know it is important to quickly establish fluent communication.”



  • The Space Lab’s team can adapt to work with a company’s marketing team, project managers or developers.
  • The Space Lab can become an internal unit working for a client company alongside its employees.
  • We specialize in creating processes and procedures that are flexible enough to adapt to the different needs of our clients.



We have developed branding and web solutions for projects in the following industries:

  • Sustainable Travel & Tourism
  • Travel & Adventure
  • Software Development
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Medical Tourism
  • Real Estate